Grameenphone Balance Check | গ্রামীণফোন ব্যালেন্স চেক

Grameenphone Balance Check | গ্রামীণফোন ব্যালেন্স চেক

Assalamualaikum dear readers, welcome to this article on Grameenphone balance check. Today I will try to give details about Grameenphone balance check code.

USSD code is required to check the balance of any SIM. Similarly, to check Grameenphone balance, dial Grameenphone balance check code.

Grameenphone balance check | গ্রামীনফোন নাম্বার চেক

Checking Grameenphone SIM balance is one code at a time. No matter how easy it is, it becomes very difficult for us if we do not know.

Today I will try to talk about some more important codes as well as Grameenphone balance check codes.

Below is the code to check the balance of the Grameenphone;

Grameenphone balance check code: *566#

Just as you have to dial the code to check the number, you also need to dial the code to check balance, minutes, SMS, internet.

Again, if you are using Grameenphone’s official app My GP, you can see everything in a jiffy without dialing any code.

My GP App “Details”

You can also check everything above without dialing the code. And for this, you have to use Grameenphone’s official app My GP App.

If you use Grameenphone’s My GP app, you can see everything in a jiffy.

Upon purchasing any MB minute pack from My GP app, you will get GP points. You can easily buy MB packs for free by depositing GP points.

In addition to purchasing the offer, you can also live chat at Grameenphone Customer Care without making a free call.

Click here to download My GP App, the official app of Grameenphone.

You can also view all offers, view offers as well as make bundle packs as desired using My GP’s Flexi Plan.

If you want to create an offer using GP Flexi Plan, you can find out by clicking on the link above.

How To Grameenphone Balance Check In Bangladesh?

More than 79 million people in Bangladesh use Grameenphone, which is commonly referred to as GP because of its size. It is the world’s largest mobile network operator, and it offers superior customer service compared to the competition.

  • How to Check Grameenphone Account Balance:
  • The USSD Short Code *566# is the GP balance check code. After you’ve dialed the code, you’ll see your account’s current balance show.
  • How to Check GP Emergency Balance:
  • Emergency Balance can be checked in GP by dialing *121*1*2#.
  • How to Check GP Internet Balance:

  • To check internet balance in GP, please dial *121*1*4#

How To Check Grameenphone Internet Balance?

Apart from knowing Grameenphone balance check code, it is important to know how to check Grameenphone internet balance. However, the USSD code to check Grameenphone internet balance is a bit more complicated and important to remember than Grameenphone main account balance check.

Grameenphone Internet Balance Check USSD Code is 5 digits. And dialing GP Internet Balance Check USSD code does not display mobile internet balance directly.

After dialing GP internet balance check code *121*1*4# SMS message is sent to customer’s mobile and customer’s internet balance is informed.

GP Number Check

Many times it is seen that we forget our number after buying GP SIM. That means we can’t remember the number in our GP SIM. Usually when using a SIM we must know the number of that SIM. So this part is very important for those of you who don’t know your GP number. In this part I will share with you such a code by using which you can check your GP number in a short time.

You need to go to the dial pad and dial *2# to know the GP number. You can check or view your GP number as soon as you dial it. This is the end of today’s article about GP Minutes Check, GP Internet Balance Check and GP Number Check. If you like this article then you can share this article if you want.

Grameenphone All Important USSD Code | গ্রামীনফোন এর সকল গুরুত্বপূর্ণ কোড

As mentioned earlier, just as you have to dial the code to check the balance of Grameenphone, you have to dial the code to check other offers or balance.

Below are all the important codes of Grameenphone;

  • GP minute check code, Dial: *1000*2# Or *121*4*3# Or *121*1*2#
  • Check GP main balance, Code: *566#
  • Show GP SMS Remaining, Dial: *566*2#
  • GP minute balance code, Dial: *566*20#
  • Other Operators BDT, Code: *566*15#
  • WelcomeTune Balance, Code: *566*3#
  • International SMS Code, Dial: *566*12#
  • Balance Transfer: Type BTR<>PIN<>017××××××××<>Desire amount & send to 1000
  • Card Recharge: *555*16 digit code*017××××××××#
  • Data (MB) Check: *566*10#


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